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Diesel Taffy Concentrate Review Gil and WilliamBreathes sit down to review some Diesel Taffy from Opti Natural Caregivers in Boulder, CO. You don’t wanna miss the up close shots of this insane taffy…


  • also I want to eat that stuff, it looks delicious

  • could you put that in a vape pen?

  • Want

  • taffy looks like the tastiestttt thing

  • looks like oil made with naphtha as the solvent

  • Lol, at theend they were surprised about the body high because diesel is a sativa….but they also smoke banana kush with it

  • Now its for everyone! Fight the prohibition against cannabis and liberate this loveing plant world wide! Pce n pot

  • Best job in the world

    2nd place goes to porn star

  • Legalize it!

  • Gil you mutha fucka! so lucky (not that u havn't earned it) i would kill to have ur life…haha pittiful as it sounds

  • nice review

  • queer with the mask hahah

  • the channel name does not dissapoint, =)

  • I smoke with ya peace from Germany 😉

  • Uh, this Uh, he's uh, uh uh uh lmao. Totally got stoned off that first hit. I want some of this!

  • would you rape this man for all his weed? lol


  • 1:10 is beauty

  • bet that bandana smells like shit after

  • i had some banana kush two weeks ago you could really taste the banana in it