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Desert Organic Solutions : Bubba Kush

Gil heads down to Palm Springs to check out this desert gem: Desert Organic Solutions! If you find yourself in the area, this is a spot you don’t want to miss out on!


  • Marijuana relaxes my mind…..4:20 is when I smoke the best……

  • Awesome discover. Orange hairs and white Crystal. Never though it would be………..

  • For more those of you who are talking about vaping it's all about the temp setting if it's not set right you will not extract all the good stuff vaping is awsom and can get you reallllyyyy fucking high off lesser quality weed and if you use the good shit watch out

  • Bubba is a one of a kind strain. Gotta love it, picked up a quarter, and right now I'm a very happy stoner. 

  • 0:47
    I can't even describe how good that looks, wish I could have a nug or two. 

  • FUCK YEAH i live in palm springs . going there 1st.

  • its so funny how spring gathering is coming up and u see DOSC getting attention its all fake these guys are all assholes, i have mad respect for tang and gil i know they are getting paid to give DOSC a good review, and to get nominated for best collective but its all hype save your gas money guys trust me, this is just like the cannabis cup and Arjan. 

  • @likeOMGitsUNLTD yes, agreed on the vapor being friendly with physical exertion/sports unlike smoke which leaves your lungs hindered and your cardio , hindered I think .

  • this has to be that ghs bubba cause once he said fruity i was like yup . all other bubbas are earthy and coffee. but i herd the ghs bubba is legit cause the cut was from bret. 

  • @DonLappy Afroman – colt 45 niggaaa

  • I just got some Organic Hindu Bubba in San Diego

  • you guys opened on my birthday!!!! Desert Organic FTW!!

  • @likeOMGitsUNLTD taking a tolerance break is kinda dumb if i already get high…… even after not smoking for a few days vaping still is bleh , imo vaping just isnt good enough for me 

  • @veldshpay420 Nah you're missing the point of vaping. When you smoke it you're combusting the weed to smoke it. That destroys a lot of the cannabinoids in the bud. Vaporizing never burns the weed, but slowly bakes it until all the good stuff is vaporized out. It's all preference I guess I mean the only thing I can suggest is taking a tolerance break to get the full effect of vaporizing. I also love how vaporizing doesn't slow me down at all. I can run miles and feel great. Health over everything

  • @likeOMGitsUNLTD im not being negative lol he just scares me ….. p&p

  • @likeOMGitsUNLTD imo the high is less and there is no possible way you are getting MORE cannabinoids if you already burn it to white ash in other methods…. and imo the high doesnt last as long and doesnt help pain as much, and imo i get a better taste froma nice bong hit of this particular strain than a vape

  • @veldshpay420 I don't think he's creepy at all. He's a laid back stoner that loves weed. He's always been honest and he even said it himself in this video. He doesn't really like being in front of the camera. Either way he still gets up there and does it. Spread love not negativity. The negativity gets us cannabis lovers nowhere. If you can't learn from the bud you aren't bud's bud at all.

  • @veldshpay420 Well take a tolerance break and it's a whole new story. You conserve bud, the taste of vapor is incredible, the high is out of this world and so clean without any of the carcinogens from smoking it. You actually get more cannabinoids vaporizing because the constant temperature pulls all of it out without burning it. Set the right temperature and it won't burn. I agree that the prices are for profit, but the remedy is vaping. It's not a gimmick at all…it's a blessing really. 

  • @craigbowling22 lol….. no …… gil is creepy lol , more like tang and chubbs should make more videos (even though that cant happen any more) but honestly i would like to see just will breathes and tang with no gil , for some reason hes so creepy ………

  • @likeOMGitsUNLTD and i have a vape , for me i can vape over a half g and barely feel anything , or take two .2 bong hits and be medicated for an hour or two lol. vapes are gimmiks imo unless you literally cannot inhale real smoke ….