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Desert Organic Solutions: Blackberry Kush Strain Review


  • Bottom shelf of blackberry kush I can get for 5 a gram 22.00%THC and 006%CBD 

  • Mid shelf I can get $25 for 1/8..23.4%THC. And 005% CBD 

  • $13 a gram here in portland OR.sticky dank nugs …28.00%THC 00.8CBD ur all losers….have fun

  • these guys are getting so stoned they dont even know what theyre talking about lol

  • Blackberry Kush has the same genetics as Shishkaberry…

  • that bud needs better trimming

  • this is my fav- BBK!

  • mine, too

  • Makes me dope dumb!!!! Still love the shit if hanging with a pro smoker or watching a late night movie. Def not for running errands or paying bills….. YES, GREAT 4 PAIN!!!

  • @1:55 he looks so pissed you didnt pass him the bowl ahaha

  • BBK is my favorite strain by far!

  • So my dealer said he had blackberry lush. So I bought some and ill be fanned he wasn't bullshittin

  • dos has weak ass weed nd deals

  • Lol nice channel name

  • your videos are to gay and wayy to fucking short.
    TheCCC420 for lifee!!

  • High on BBK right now COUCH LOck

  • one day man for sure!

  • just come to California man!!!!! It has all of the business opportunities that America has to offer but there is nice weather and liberal people …ie good weed.

  • shit man i envy you guys, top bud for top price, gonna be a long wait till we get it legalized here in the uk

  • most weed here in California is grown here so nowadays there are very few middle men. This and the fact that you can legally grow with your medical card means that as of late the quality has gone way up and the price way down.