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Denver Relief: Chem James Strain Review

Gil & WilliamBreathes sit down to review a fine Chem James (Chem Dawg mystery cross) from the fine people from Denver Relief in Colorado!


  • i think im going to wear a bandana when i smoke right now i wanna see how it feels

  • didnt know theres mmj in clorado

  • I love watching Colorado videos. I am in Pueblo.

  • looks alot like sour diesel, my type: the "foxtailing". Anything that has those calyxs is usually real good.

  • yeah Gil looked fucked up hahaha nice and medicated!

  • Nice cloud tweedle dee and tweedle dumb! That weed looks like the Ingrid!

  • lively up yourself. bomb

  • <<<<<< CRAVING

  • Oh my God, look at that beautiful bud.. mmm..

  • holy shit Gil is baked as fuck

  • Mm Mm Good! Awesome buds! Kind of makes me jealous though =)

  • my bad. I use the term spliff in the Jamaican sense — as in, just a big long cone for your head. I picked up calling doobies that when I was down there last year and just liked using the term….no tobacco here for me.

    @acee3303 I got skills… no lighting up the bandanna.

    @gared111 – I review anonymously for the Westword newspaper, much like a restaurant critic. I don't want any special favors or privileges when I go into a shop, I want to be treated like every other patient.

  • possibly CVK chem valley kush

  • whats the song in the intro?

  • Finally some real reggae tunes in the background. Great looking Chem hybrid! WOW! Diggin the glass, the herbs. Keep tokin

  • @alexsaurous If you say you're not a kid I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but with a name like that people kinda expect you to be like 13-15 or some shit. Whatever man lol.

  • @BertBarcheez Me too… (blue cheese tonight) lol Thanks for answering that for me, that makes perfect sense.

  • @alexsaurous I know tobacco is nasty, and dangerous, and I'm completely against cigarettes (I don't smoke them). You can't bash it until you try it though, a spliff has a very nice flavor, and you can still taste the weed (it tends to be around 75-80% weed). Besides, the weed negates the majority of the health risks concerning the small amount of tobacco that is in the mix. You didn't hurt my feelings kid, I was just defending William here. You seem pretty mad yourself though man.

  • @gared111 He reviews medical marijuana collectives, so he doesnt want to show his cause then the collective will know to bring out their best shit if they knew his face..anyway im stoned! peace and pot !

  • @alexsaurous It's basically tradition for everybody in europe to smoke spliffs casually, so yeah don't hate respect peoples choices and opinions.