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Denver Relief: Bio-Diesel Flower

Gil & Tang review the famous BioDiesel flower from Denver Relief!


  • Hmmm seems like there's a few names of this strain around the world

  • Smokin some of this right now. Lol its bomb but the taste and smell could be a lot better. Mine gas loads of small tricks that are mostly amber colotrd

  • :34 the nug looks like its floating!

  • I hear ya. I vape and only vape if I can help it. I don't see how this guy can claim to be an expert when he burns his herb.

  • the things i would do to burn with these guys 😛

  • Where could i get those 420 spray ?

  • @WeHateFatChx SUCK MY DICK NIG

  • @WeHateFatChx **DeathStar** (not deathstat)

  • It's also called DeathStat

  • I liked this immediately after he said this was a non-smoking hotel room.

  • @TheBakerboy420
    Its all about taking advantage of the quality herb without nasty butane bi-product's.
    Im real chill

  • @schof215 You act like they are smoking out of a tin foil pop can pipe just because they use a lighter? damn chill.

  • Just not the same as Tang and Chubbs

  • The Floating nug…

  • @EwingPatric not from the lighter it does not…its not evaporating at that point its being burnt and the byproducts of combustion is what your inhaling. Try an Herb Iron and you will come back and thank me lol

  • it deathstar damn it

  • israel !!! yaa

  • Biodiesel top 3 strains ever

  • lol there is a human hair in the bud at about 2:38 bottom left corner

  • Sour Diesel x Sensi Star? Got to try this stuff out pronto. Lol