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Denver High Times Cannabis Cup 4/20 Holiday 2014 – Part 1 – Join WeedmapsTV as we celebrate the 4/20 Holiday and explore what was a historic two day High Times US Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado. Meet some of the people responsible for growing the most beautiful flowers, extracting some of the best concentrates, and making the best new products!

Featured in these videos:
Hive Ceramics:
Facebook: HIVE Ceramics
Instagram: @hiveceramics
Twitter: @hiveceramics

Facebook: Gold Coast Extracts
Instagram: @goldcoastextracts

Facebook: TerpXCo
Instagram: @terpx215

Grateful Meds Collective:
Instagram: @gratefulmeds

T.H.E. Melts:
Facebook: Trichome Heavy Extractions
Instagram: @trichomeheavyextractions

Liquid Gold Extracts:

Mahatma Concentrates:
Facebook: Mahatma Concentrates
Instagram: @mahatmaconcentrates

TC Labs:
Facebook: TCLabsCO

Sean Azzariti:
Facebook: Sean Azzariti
Twitter: @SeanAzzariti

Nexus Glass:
Instagram: nexusglass710


  • Song's name?! 7:44

  • Magweedo at 2:35 lol 

  • I wanna go!!!!

  • Gil you bastard give me your jobbb!!!!

  • So what do I need when visiting Denver? Just one ID card? 

  • Do they serve beer inside the Cannabis Cup….?

  • Drugs are bad m'kaaayyy

  • please come to brazil i love cannabis but here ilegal kkkkkkkkkkfuck the system

  • Gil looks like an alien with those shades on

  • Fuck all the dabs I just wanna smoke some green ass buds lol

  •   help me with the pro- cannabis petition, saying that medical cannabis will be excepted in the work place.

  • Gold Coast is bomb haha

  • I live in bangalore, India. This time of the year the day temperatures are 25 C and nights are approx 16 C. I have tried to germinate an Auto Jack herer seed, since 4 days i have used the wet paper towel method, i kept it in my cupboard, i can see the tap root slightly, just a white lining on the side of the seed coat but it doesnt seem to pop out. Seed was in healthy condition when i soaked in water the first day. I'd appreciate if Anybody could please give their thoughts on what may have caused the seed not to germinate. Or is it that i should be more patient. Following are a few factors which i feel could be important for seed germination
    1. Temperature ( I feel 22 C is ideal for seed germination)
    2. Darkness ( I have kept it almost all the time in dark conditions, may have checked 3 or 4 times a day)
    3. Moisture ( I have kept the papertowel moist by sprinkling)
    4. Oxygen ( I havent kept it in a sealed air tight condition so enough oxygen supply is there)
    5. Chemicals ( I have sprinkled it with root hormone mixture water)

    Even after all these conditions, could there be something else needed that i may have missed out on? Are winters not a good time to germinate? I feel temperature is what matters, since i am growing indoors. this is my first attempt at germination, though i am a bit worried cuz the seed cost me $12 and it seems like a futile effort.

  • Nice video!