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Denver Cannabis Cup 420 2015

Join Gil as he explores this year’s 420 Cannabis Cup in Denver Colorado. –


  • going to 2016 cup in denver just waiting for hightimes to post the tickets

  • 0:29 Dantes from grandma s boy

  • 8 minutes for  Denver Cannabis Cup 2015  is all you can come up with for a 3 day event? That's LAME.

  • Hell yea gil love the vidz

  • I have had True OG many times from Elemental Wellness truly a great strain, but not the best.

  • I went to the event and Gill put me in the video. 
    Thank you so much Gil and weedmaps for featuring us on the video. I hope we can work together again in the future.

  • Wish i had time
    Wrong time of the year for a farmer but I got to hit up the la cup in april it was fun!!!

  • Cant wait untill we have THC inhalers

  • lazy ass fuck late as awlays. upload 420 2014 a year later

  • Wow how many months later and that all….? Stop dabbing so much

  • my mouth is just watering watching this…can't wait to move to a medical state now that I'm done with college :D

  • If you guys want the experience of just being there on 4/20 that's the only reason I would go, if you go there any other time it's usually more availability, less people, and more chill workers.

  • Its nice to have food stands to kill off tha munchies????????

  • 3:03 Dante smokin' strong!!

  • I couldn't go :(

  • Sweet-Leaf ;)

  • solventless all the way

  • no reason to ever go to amsterdam anymore.

  • 0:10 girl's head look like a pineapple