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Denver 4/20 Weedventures Coming Soon – News Apr 23rd, 2013 – Please like and comment this video if you enjoy the view and support Cannabis culture worldwide!

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  • is this in america

  • at the snoop lion/dogg vip party i met gil in the back of the crowd. we vaped it up on a cloud pen. i couldnt belive it dream come true. talked with him for like 10 15 minits lol it was sweet

  • meh – nice intro – but no content. yawn

  • Selling your video by a corporate conspiracy is bullshit!

  • Enjoy my new TRIPPY video. Consider taking a look.

  • the shotting was fucked pickin on stoners that like kicking babys they never had a chance

  • So hire someone to pick it up big deal lol… no need to be so rude either

  • NO you misinformed FUCK TARD. @Stesen Mathias was speaking about an event sponsored by High Times called THE CANNABIS CUP….which occurred on a completely different site than what was featured in this video! THEY TRASHED OUR CITY

  • Whens it coming out (full video)

  • fuck gang bang nigs and there drugs leave us peacefull people alone

  • Great wait to start the first legal 4-20 dumb fucks so much for peace and harmony.

  • U bring ur heater to go blaze what a bunch of idiots. Whats funny is the cops are standing around watching it happen. lmfao

  • 0:14 guy in the blue shirt- why have a bluetooth headset if you're not gonna use it

  • WOW… talk about a buzz kill

  • That dude shoulda used a blunt to chill out isn

  • So when I do drive bys aim for the legs hahaha jk

  • 0:13 dood

  • YES yes we need weed dayz in every country and more often than christmas

  • 2 people 1 dog

  • The whole time I was thinking black people

    And sure enough it fit the stereotypes hahaha!