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Denver 420 Rally at Civic Center Park 4/20/2011 Gil and Fritz go check out the 4/20 rally at the Civic Center in downtown Denver. Prepare for epic smokeage.


  • Ike dog city of smoke

  • I was there

  • There is a reason they call it "dope".

  • todays celebration is even bigger than last years….and not to mention, legal!

  • Mmm gurl c; Yess

  • Half thes

  • lucky u

  • Imagine 4/20 this year downtown with those new laws! Fucckkk yessss. I'm so excited! 😀
    #Team Green <3

  • Colorado= 420… 24/7

  • And now weed legal here in colorado fucking awesome in 420 me 2 large blunts and bongs

  • Fucking Cheers from México city!

  • Stetson seems like a cool well adjusted young dude…good thing big pharma didn't get him hooked

  • 4/20 vs St. Patrick's Day…

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  • the Denver rally this year sucked. We were harrassed by the pigs non-stop. There were thousnds of them, many in plain-clothes, & they would start trouble. call us names, spit on us, & some of my homies got bitten on the leg by police dogs. i'm not goin next year. i'm a gonna stay at home & celebrate ij my living room where I can smoke safely.

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  • bitch what is your point? harassing every one on this page? i do have a problem and marijuana is my fucking prescription you dumb ass if i fuckin see you i swear ima stab you in the eye with a lit joint bitch

  • so I guess everyone who drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes for recreational purposes are child-molesters too