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Defending Delivery – Full Documentary

Tell us why you need delivery in the comments. An estimated 15% of medical marijuana patients are mobility impaired. Weedmaps spent the day with Benny’s Farm, Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio, and their medical cannabis patients to find out more about how delivery services are changing the lives of the people they serve.

If you live in Los Angeles, remember to vote on Tuesday March 7: vote “YES” on Measure M, which allows for delivery, and vote “NO” on Measure N, which would ban delivery even for medical patients.


  • Tim

    I support the concept of delivery, but for the love of god, Weedmaps…. please do something about the delivery services that falsely advertise their products on your website. They'll show you a menu with pictures of top shelf -quality bud, but show up with product that absolutely looks nothing like the photos or the description.

  • they would have to hunt down so many fucking deliveries and that is nearly impossible that is guaranteed. where i live in oc the choices are damn near endless and i only use 1 delivery

  • I support the right for MMJ businesses to provide delivery services. I have just found that it's not the best option for me for a number of reasons: (1) The bud tends to be more expensive compared to store fronts, plus the gratuity you give the driver. (2) Although many delivery services provide photos of the their bud on Maps, you really don't know what you're getting until the delivery man is standing in you're living room. It might look good in the pics but what he pulls out might not match what you saw in those pics, it wasn't the smell you were expecting, etc…I like the process of going into a collective and seeing what I'm buying before I fork over my money.

  • Deliver to me fuckers I want that Cali OG

  • let me say something here … We should all show the gouvernement who's right by using it in a correct and medical way without abusing it. please first stop using the slang word weed , pot and respect the medical value of cannabis and everything will change….!

  • They don't care about sick people they care about getting rich with cannabis.

  • PTSD ain't no joke

  • I thought that this was going to be a documentary on actually defending delivery. I've heard of and even met many delivery men that have been robbed for their product here in California.

  • Yes on M

  • We need delivery because as cannabis is and has already been proven to work medically there are patients who are in need of cannabis that may not be able to drive far or even be able to have acess in any other way. It helps Me and My wife and millions of others out there my wife has PTSD so yes delivery helps us out alot

  • We need this in the UK.

  • my friend has agoraphobia and freaks the fuck out when they go to a dispensary. way too much stimulus for him

  • Great video

  • I need it to be legal in the state of Ohio then I'll worry bout delivery.

  • Make Cannabis legal again.
    For personal freedom, efficient use of tax-$, for helping patients/people, and protection of minors.

  • Thank you!

  • Weedmaps i have a few ideas for all of Califorina delievery services and dispensaries. one idea is to put forward a ballot to have specific afinancial systems/banking for Cannabis delieverys, growing , disputing, the whole nine yards

  • I live in the I.E. hopefully they don't try taking away delivery here to if this passes I have real bad Social Anxiety so Storefronts are always intimidating.

  • movement