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“Dark Star” – (Strain Review)


DarkStar is an Indica strain that was bred by TH Seeds. (This particular batch was grown by TJ’s Gardens)

It’s a cross between [Purple Kush x Mazar-I-Sarif] that provides you with a very sedating, body-calming, mind-numbing, mood-bosting high that is great for Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Insomnia, and Appetite Stimulation. Overall I give this strain a very solid [6.4/7]

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  • I remember back in like 2011 in LA everyone had either bubba or grandaddy purp so newbies would try to be smart in a smoke circle be like oh this is that grandaddy purp lmao alien crack weed darth Vader OG and all ogs are probably my favorites though

  • You forgot to rate dark star sir!

  • Hi there I suffer bad from insomnia and want to try cannabis strains for sedative effects.night smokes only.could you make a list of videos in your playlist section…that are night time smokes or might help with insomnia Peace Alan

  • where can I get it…. I found a seed in a bag I got from a recreational spot

  • As someone who suffers from extreme insomnia, I'm sick of cannabis being illegal in my country. So far only one medication has been able to treat it at all (Phenergan) but I built up a resistance to it within a week. Fuck you, South African drug legislation. Fuck you. You're wrong and you know it.

  • Wow, your close-ups look great. Cool review, thanks

  • Seriously, named after the movie and not the Dead song?

  • You review weed just like wine and I find it really cool

  • The first tavor says it all.

  • does this strain cause people to do "air quotes" constantly? I hope not

  • I just saw that movie, I now need this weed.

  • Do not smoke tHis before you Hoop ??

  • where do you get your weed I want some plz?

  • Great review of Darkstar ,thanks for your 🙂 positivity is good 🙂 Love TJs Organics for helping my grandson with their CBD oils. Thanks again :)

  • Music sounds like sleeping dogs!!!

  • what's the song that you're playing during the close ups?

  • Trying to play xbox while baked on straight indica…

  • I need some Dark Star… Great review! Respect from New Zealand!

  • It really is fun just to know what your smoking on and to educate your self on the different types of weed strains that there are

  • what song is in the background ??