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Dandlco Honeycomb/Vortex (Glass Review)



*I meant to give this piece a [5.3/7] – Even though I said [5.8/7] in the video!*
So today I did a review on the – Honeycomb to Vortex 18mm oil rig! I’ve been using this thing for about 3 weeks now and have been pleasantly surprised by this thing the entire time! One you get the water levels figured out, this piece is extremely functional!!! Chugs well, easy to clean, and won’t break your bank.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece you can head over to -[] and use the promo code “StrainCentral” for 10% off your total order!!


  • Could you do a video on the difference between oil rigs and flower rigs? And can you smoke flower through an oil rig?

  • I'm getting this

  • Lol blessed by a rabbi

  • Yo holly fuck I'm stoned watching this and I kept hearing bacgroundd piano

  • aww braces central<3

  • Live resin all the way man the flavors are amazing! If I'm not mistaken it's the highest terpene profile possible through butane extraction!

  • what's the best way to fill double honeycomb percs up with water ? cause I usually have to give mine a little shake to get the water down

  • What torch is that or something similar?

  • got mine for $45

  • I got this same piece from dhgate, it was only 17 bucks hahaha

  • hold in your smoke longer :)

  • hold in your smoke longer :)

  • Hey Josh just saw your review on dandlco went and saw the cools stuff on the website and I ordered my first 10 inch double honeycomb perc with an ashcatcher bout how much water do i use for this peace thank you for the reviews thank you for always the good vibes cheers to you 

  • Great bong. I have one

  • weird scale . lol nice review!

  • what kind of nail should i get for this just starting to dab and ordered this peice.. great video

  • I used to smoke out of bongs but I took a break from smoking for a few months a while ago and when I started again I only used pipes and a few weeks ago I tried to smoke out of a bong and had two bowls and started to go berserk. I don't know what happened I just get too high and I don't like the high when I smoke out of bongs now.

  • live resin and sugar wax has been pretty common here in socal since 2013

  • gamertag? 

  • You sir, are my favorite weed Tuber ever homie!!! Keep it up and of course
    Che Che Che cheeeeers!!!!!