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Dandlco 12″ Bubbler (Glass Review)



I finally got around to doing a review on the 12″ Glass Bubbler that sent me!! For a basic bubbler this thing rips!!!! It’s been used as my daily flower driver for about 2 weeks now and i’ve really enjoyed it! Overall I gave it a [4.2/7]

If you are interested in purchasing this piece you can head over to -[] and use the promo code “StrainCentral” for 10% off your total order!!


  • Dude what's the sound track for this one ?

  • Hey Josh, I love your channel and videos. I actually have been watching all your old videos to catch up, and I was wondering what the instrumental at 5:30 was? Thanks and Cheers, soon you'll be at 50k!

  • I love your channel man! You should do a review on "" if you can.

  • Can't get over how much that piece looks like a cock, but anyways great choice of music! I always love the music you play in the background. You seem like you'd be a fan of Nujabes and The Sound Providers.

  • g-spotter. smaller tokes..

  • i bought this same one with a ceramic nail and it fits very loose 

  • So I just stumbled across your channel the other day and I must say I'm hooked!! I've been been apart if the cannabis community for about two years now so I'm always looking for strain reviews to find good flower. Love your personality and the way you carry yourself, stay lifted ✌✌

  • What's your Twitch channel Man?

  • I Think it would look much better if the mouth peace was flat, If ya know what I mean! 

  • Looking good, I like the channel! How often do you stream on twitch?

  • Awesome video joshSC . Just wondering where do you get your music beats ? They're sick asf

  • Saw one of your comments on customgrow420s video and decided to give your channel a shot. I've got to say it's pretty great, love the good spirit that you project and Im looking forward to seeing some more (:

  • Great vid Josh thanks! Btw we'll toss in a package of brass screens with each one of these ordered!

  • Love the content man. Cheers and hope you stay stoney.

  • Nice review, get a haircut lmao

  • Could just use a small nug for a screen. 

  • That piece aint for me, however I like the price range. You Need to get a Streaming schedule man! I understand your busy and have a life too. A schedule would probably make it easier for everyone.

  • In a few months time when you'll be rolling bud bought with that youtube money 🙂
    Excited for you homie

  • Great vid like usual, curious to know what job you work or if u attend uni ? 

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