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Dan Fogler Talks About His New Release Don Peyote – WeedmapsTV had the chance to sit down with Dan Fogler and talk about his new indie film release Don Peyote.


  • don fagler 

  • Yeah movie sucks ass. I was more confused than a stoner going through a trip. 

  • Dan Fogler is the fuckin man brah!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Fucc the Illuminati and Freemasons….all that damn Lucifarian Symbolism….Jesus Have No Mercy On Their soul.

  • Fogler is a mad man, in the best way possible!

  • Wow, what a bunch of ignorant, disrespectful bullshit. Dude is talking out of his ass. 'Your pineal gland gets dilated'? That isn't even… just… what. Do you know anything at all about pharmacology? The movie seems fuckin' terrible, too. It's pretty damn insulting towards psychedelics. What a load of crap.

  • Yes looks like a good movie

  • I think that movie made me dumber. It made no sense. 

  • Wisconsin?

  • i'll have to check it out.

  • I think.. i am going to have to watch this!

  • Get this to Netflix!

  • i saw this movie, it was pretty good. not amazing.

  • yeah too bad the movie blows

  • The guy playing his shrink is totally under rated as an actor. I love that dude lol

  • The princess bride

  • sweet! hope to see it on Netflix.

  • Sucks that this movie couldn't get put in more theaters and get some more hype, it looks really interesting.

  • Awesome!!