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Dabs on Dabs on Dabs Contest Winners Announcement! – Who won a “Dabs on Dabs on Dabs” tee shirt? Maybe YOU!!! Heads up, I started editing this video past midnight. If there are any mistakes, that’s why!

Venice Medical Center –
Venice Medical Center Twitter Page –!/VMC9636


  • lmaoooooooooooooo

  • man i won this contest but my shirt was accidentally bleached!!! is there a way to buy another one from venice medical center online, as i live in ohio?

  • get drug tested tomorrow at court then im making the video! so excited to get blowed with my month tolerance break..

  • mapp gass is a much hotter burning fuel known as propylene i could be spelling that wrong. but veector torches or "creme brulee" torches are butane gas a much less hotter burning but last longer and less damaging to metals

  • 3 weeks later… :)

  • just curious whats the difference in a mapp gas torch and a vector torch? not too informed on that subject. thanks

  • got my shirt today! i cant smoke for like 3 weeks but once i can, ill get that video up. thanks again

  • whos a freemason ??

  • No worries, I won first place and still haven't received my shirt and don't think I will. Thanks for the hate folks, it looks like it paid off..

  • Hey what's up Im Gil and Im not e en 35 but I'm completely bald lmfao rotfl

  • if you hook me up with one of these shirts i will wear it while dabbing and dab until i pass out and just have a video of me sleeping after dabs 

  • HAHAHAHAHA and naps on naps on naps

  • You guys should promote Ron Paul!

  • That 'high CBD oil' sure sizzled alot… :)

  • @QualityKush It's the best $30 LIFETIME WARRANTIED torch you can get.

  • Wait. I didn't realize you were using a skillet…

  • Stop using butane and torches 🙁 USE BEE LINE

  • @nugporn Creme Brulee torch hahahahahahaha!

  • lol they already have the wax on wax off shirt. its on the wall at high priority

  • Butane hash is not meds. It gives the movement a bad name. I wish you fellows would come around.

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