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So I thought i’d cover a topic that quite a few people have asked me about! What are the real differences between dabbing wax and vaping wax? Who should use which one? and how do they all work?

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  • I am the type of person who was using a pax 3 for a year and love it for portability… but nothing beats heating up a quartz banger and dropping it in and get nice and medicated and last longer

  • Simple as this…… You get a rig for home, and a pen for travel/work. You can afford both now with the silicone

  • your hair and beard make you look like a fuckin caveman.

  • The devils lettuce!

  • Josh your theme music is brief but always brings me good vibes when I hear it. Cheers!

  • What about nector collectors? I use one as my daily driver it actually has some water diffusion and is super portable and gets me high as shit .

  • Please answer. I smoked shitty weed with seeds and stems for 12 days straight got interviewed for a job I've been cleaned for 18 days yall think I might pass a drug test I've been drinking plenty of water and some what exercise?

  • I'm in Washington too and my lungs are suffering from the smoke from BC. The sky's still completely white 😂 I own several silicone rigs because they're so convenient. Especially for oil, the rigs are so easy to clean and it's great.

  • I prefer rigs but if i had to pick one id go with pens. Much more practical

  • That's like a whole gram of reclaim LOL

  • sublimator is #☝

  • directions at 8:17 wasnt clear enough. blew my di*k off

  • If only, he would send me that reclaim.. lol

  • How many watts do you run on it i got a source orb 4 and I'm not sure if I should go over 14 watts

  • Hey josh I gotta question. I always see you smoking on good rosin or shatter and in my state there is a lot of honeycomb (looks like damp kief ) and shatter do you ever get the honeycomb in your state? Is honeycomb any good or should I pass it up.

  • Don't have to clean the pen

  • Does Josh ever have a carb cap ready?

  • I propose that we start a movement.. and I suggest we call it #SAECL or Stoners Against Excessive Couch Lock.. because at times couch lock is what you're going for.. if you have a lot of pain or you're trying to sleep.. but most of the time when we get high we could be doing something else at the same time.. help fight the stigma against cannabis users so we're not a hiss or byword among society.. I think we can do it..

  • I'm on the coast of BBC and while I don't think any fires are close half the province is burning it's smokey as shit we have worse air quality then shanghai

  • How awesome would it be if they combined a vape pen and a rig.