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“Dabado Bolt Pro” – (Product Review)


So today i’m working with the guys over at Dabado to review the Bolt Pro! I reviewed the original Dabado Bolt several years ago, so it’s rad to see all the direct improvements!!

Overall I give this unit a solid [5.3/7]

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  • If I bust out a torch and a rig at a party nobody looks at me weird they ask me for a dab lmao

  • Great Channel! Just a side note your music is very loud in the beginning. I have to hit volume down button real quick I watch in the real early mornings. Just helping a little if I can to help make your channel a little better. (constructive critisysm) keep up the good work!

  • Looks like it doesn't heat up enough. The wax was just sitting burning for some time after. Please don't sell out to companies Josh. Your show is really good and it's obvious that device was disappointing.

  • Josh your eyes disappeared towards the end of the video ;). -_-

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  • Hey. You're cute.

  • 7:42 tf? lol

  • The only reason I watch these types of videos are just bc I like Josh as a person but this product looks like someone tried to make a rig for someone who doesn't dab and can barely afford to smoke IF YOU CANT AFFORD A RIG THEN YOU PROBABLY CANT AFFORD TO SMOKE AND SHOULD USE YOUR MONEY MORE WISELY

  • I've had an upper respiratory infection lately so I can only take minuscule dabs to promote productive coughing take a big ass dab for me Josh cheers

  • you should review the cloud v electro mini!

  • do more joint vids

  • it would be nice a how much does it cost series. Eg:
    Weed 🍁
    Lighers 🔥
    Grinders ✂

  • it would be nice a how much does it cost series. Eg:
    Weed 🍁
    Lighers 🔥
    Grinders ✂

  • Hey Guys! Is anyone could explain me…I am French…with which hard drug people use a torch??? Because he said using a torch make people believe you use hard drug!!?

  • do more challenge videos

  • I don't really like those review but it's always good to watch your videos! Miss flowers and concentrated reviews. Could you do a dry sift or 73 microns bubble hash, from a product really fire even if rare! Peace Josh

  • frenchie fries

  • Yo if you're not to busy could u please do a review on the GRAV LAB grinder?I bought one and ended up liking it at first.Then after spending some time trying it out and inspecting it.I then gave it my own review and it is a bad one.Please it would save a lot of people money and time waisted trying to find a great grinder.Like in your previous videos were u reviewed some of the best grinders in your opinion.which helps me a lot I now know which grinder to invest in.

  • fuck your voice sux

  • I like the new hair