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Dabado “Bolt M Pro” – (Product Review)


So I got sent over the Dabado Bolt M Pro and a ton of different glass attachments to use with it! They basically took all the aspects of the Bolt M and improved it!

Overall I give this a solid [5.7/7]

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • Josh just super droptastic today lol. Lost glass, the 510 and the carb cap lmao. keep up the good vids.

  • Isn't it pronounced "dab-a-doo"?

  • Josh should dab mat his table

  • It seems most videos are about dabbing than weed. Why do you love more dabs than weed?

  • I don't care what anyone says it reminds me if your old vids haha cheers man!!

  • Wow you can tell a lot of people never make it to the end of the video being that he says its a tooth ache thats giving him the lisp……

  • "dab-a-doo" right?

  • Wat wattage were u using

  • Would this work for example on a smok alien 220w

  • his lisp is so cringy
    edit: sorry about that josh

  • check out my shop on Etsy, I make custom glass: enjoy!

  • i love all your videos and i just unfortunately lost all my bongs in an accident, just my bowl is left and it makes me really happy that people like you exist to educate the public and let them know being a pot head doesn't make you a bad person and a menace to society, just a normal person living life , enjoying what it has to offer in a safe way.

  • Does anybody know where I could get like a 3-4ft bong

  • u should review the gpens ! ?

  • What's up Bro can you do me a shout out

  • i heard it can explode

  • looooooove the shirt

  • wow…you can really dab at 420 degrees…i wish i could do this in europe….fuck you celcius!!

  • Wanna get Hiiiiiigh?
    hope everyone is having a high good stress free day xD

  • I thought it was just me at first I was like I know he hasn't always had that lisp or it be that obvious if he did