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“Dabado Bolt 2” – (Product Review)


The Dabado Bolt 2 is an improvement on the original Dabado Bolt portable e-nail rig! They added a few simple improvements that honestly make this quite a different unit than the first one!

Overall I give this a solid [5.8/7]

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
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  • great review man, cheers

  • I don’t know if I want this, or Dr Dabber Black edition, or Cloud V… any opinions?

  • So how much does it cost? I really wish that you actually answered questions here on your show.

  • No link in description?

  • I love my dabado for what it is. Very effective for me and my tastes.

  • 4:23, I thought that thing was gonna fall. Also, I believe it is Dah-bah-doh and not dab-a-doo. I think I remember hearing something where the company got annoyed because people were saying it wrong but whatever.

  • It's pretty crappy. Just like the rest of their line up. Save your money people. I've spent too much money on this company; being an optimistic idiot

  • Thanks for always being so honest with ur reviews josh! Too often ive been trying to find reviews of products and its pretty obvious the person is being paid to say good things because their review isn’t dynamic at all. I always know i can find a well thought out and reliable review with pros and cons on your channel!!! Keep it up

  • Really. The fact that there's no torch is such a pro imo

  • Top heavy…buy a campfire unit sublimator instead 👍

  • just got an American Helix De- Atomizer bubbler rig and i HIGHLY recommend

  • Can it double as an herb iron?

  • Will it double as an herb iron?

  • Does any one no if you can use this company's glass attachments for the dr.dabber version of this

  • How much is this thing and how does it compare to Dr dabber's offering?

  • I dont have any weed today 🙁 meaning I cant be smokin along! Fucking Fuckery Fuck!

  • 2 Reviews in one day rates them both 5.8 xD

  • 😺🙌👍

  • dat sticker massacre

  • It's Levioooosa, not leviosaaaa
    It's dab-a-do, not dab-ado