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Dab Cam Montage – News December 18th, 2013‬

Dab cam montage spanning a number of events including The Secret Cup Pacific Northwest, The Secret Cup NorCal, and The 710 Cup… Cheers!


  • Cool idea, bad effects, 

  • Can we get an icewax montage like this?

  • Dose anyone know the name of this song???

  • such a sick vid

  • Please :)

  • I would try dabbing but I live in Canada we don't dab

  • What's the track name ? :D

  • Thumbs down.i think a lot of people miss the strain reviews not this silly bull shit.the name is nug porn hellO!!!!

  • Is everyone thinking the same thing these days? The more we edit the video, the better it will be! My god.

  • Just made my first weed smoking video. Come to my channel and check it out, thankd

  • Already have my recreational shops mapped out for first thing in the morning. Just another reason Colorado rocks!!

  • Where's gill? 

  • FFwrd through hole video wAck

  • Weedmaps fell off the map. How long untill another good video? My guess is months like always

  • Nice Nice work..

  • dabporn? haha

  • What the hell happened to Gil and his strain reviews and other stuff we don't care about a damn montage and we haven't really been seeing videos uploaded….Your Nugporn/Weedmaps TV YouTube channel is falling off…Step it up a lil…getting boring

  • jestem bzyna z warki i ruvchaja mnie  wdupe

  • Song pls

  • thought this video was really cool and original iv never seen a dab video with the dabbers point of view why are poeple hating so much? must not be high lol