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Cypress Hill’s Phunky Feel Tips & Spring Gathering Join Gil and B-Real from Cypress Hill as they talk about a cool new product that makes smoking joints a dream!


  • i just got my phuncky feel tips today, there awesome

  • because Gil is hittin on him

  • Were could I get those phunky feel tips at or would I have to order'em?

  • 323:325 creepy aha

  • yo why does B look sad at the beginning

  • Nope, here it's called a tip.

  • @thegreenbastard42011 well theres probably different terminology around the world. in europe a roach is just rolled card board in the end of your spliff.

  • BReal went to Amsterdam and it's called a roach so yes I'm going to buy some cypress hill roaches.

  • Swissroll99 you can get them from thc in Toronto they will ship to you I'm pretty sure google them

  • big ups 2 nugporn 4 droppin all that knowledge, btw any1 mind tellin me tha name of tha track playin in tha beggining/

  • its a crutch , not a roach, a roach is the burnt nubby leftover from smoking some people use clips and smoke em right down to nothing. some save, these are tips similar to a cigarello.

  • I'm looking for an affordable water bong

  • @JohnCougarFish23 yeah its a glass roach.

  • Get on my level hoe.

  • @swissroll99 grasscity

  • I want some cypress hill roaches!! And some a jar of that bud fuck me man id love to jus have one of those big jars in my bedroom i could be fucked 24/7

  • Maybe i'm just really faded, but I don't understand the feel tips thing…is it something you put on your joint/blunt to use instead of a crutch/roach? I can't see it on the joints in their hands and is the camera just really close to them or are those things fucking huge

  • their joints went out

  • i wish you tube had a smell button,,,

  • how can i get Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips in canada? I live in BC, and i can't find any shop online that will ship them here.