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Cypress Hill Smoke Out 2012

Check out for more information.


  • ecstasy crowd lol

  • The music you guys picked is more for the ecstasy crowd.. Thumbs down.

  • take out faggit ass korn and its a dope show

  • @harobmx123
    CAfe tacuba rules!!!

  • yeah Cafe Tacuba!

  • sick line up =D

  • @CannabisSativa713 they aint ready fo dubstep homie!! cant even evolve with the times. yet most big artists out there this minute are going silly for it! Society is behind in certain areas.. thats all im saying.
    peace out

  • @psapocalypse woooowww hit a soft spot or what

  • @TheXander420 more like society is ruining dubstep

  • @TheXander420 and how is that retard

  • Sublowem I mean Sublime is gona be there. Then for sure i will not go

  • @tanntarrr i couldnt agree more 😀

  • @TheXander420 Amen.

  • @TheXander420 let me guess. you hate it because its popular? hipster.

  • you guys should get KID INK for the smoke out!!!!!!!

  • i use to hang out with rome back in the high school days.

    he stole a primus cd from the north county mall one time… lmao.

  • @TheXander420 nooooooo

    rap did

  • That's my birthday!

  • @Rummsklebinkle lol

  • jesus smoked pot