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Cypress Hill at the Ogden Theatre 4/20 2012 Join Gil as he checks out the Cypress Hill concert at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado for this amazing 4/20 show! We all got high from the puffs of smoke B-Real was blowing into the crowd. After a long day at the 4/20 Civic Center Park Rally, it was such a treat. Colorado definitely knows how to medicate!

Check out our 4/20 Civic Center Park Rally coverage:


  • I'm not sure on the song title… it's the song off the Friday Soundtrack tho. Search for the song like that. I'm to lazy to do it for you. Not stoned, just lazy.

  • So do you may know what the electronic gizmo was hanging from the DJ's neck? – Ian

  • Never knew gil could get so asian

  • Roll it, light it up, smoke it up

  • can anyone tell me the first song please?

  • Gil's high eyes are funny as shit lol

  • This show was the SHIT! There was no other place in the WORLD to be that night!

  • hahahaha, all those booths messed him up. he looks like he needs some sleep

  • We're ur eyes even open Gil lmao

  • damn gill ripped a little? lol


  • wait does Gil smoke ?

  • gil looked so stoned here!!!!!!!!!

  • this mutherfucker is squintin like the suns in his eyes hahahahah


  • Looks like gil can hardly concentrate on what he was saying lol

  • It was 4/20, give the man a break. I'd be too.

  • My brother got to see this show… lucky fucker

  • Gil you looked Straight Fucked up!

  • That would be nice to see Cypress Hill on 4/20. B Real and them must have good lawyers or some people protecting them because they don't seem like they get in as much legal trouble as other weed smoking groups. They're always smokin right out there in the open on stage.