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I made the trip down to Denver this past weekend, so I had to swing through Crutch’s to film something! Had an awesome time meeting him & his girlfriend! Always fun to put a couple creative minds together to collab!! He definitely made sure to get me a mile high in the mile high city!! 😛

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  • Two cool dudes buzz off it

  • Lol you thought you would remember to take a close up!! After you got stoned…no way!

  • Crutch was so high we wasn't evening listing

  • FMOI: Lisha____
    (PS. its 6)

  • Love this collab!! My two favorite weed tubers

  • Josh send some meds to carolina…please…? :d

  • do a keef dab!

  • can't believe how skinny you are

  • this is the cops i well take do you chanole

  • im calling the cops

  • do you like the dome? I like domeless soooo much better I feel I get bigger rips

  • You guys look like twins hahah

  • kinda high but it looks like you've lost weight throughout your videos!
    Congrats man!

  • I have the same dome. size 14 right?

  • Tyler The Creator on the left tho! OFWGKTADGAF!!! Flog Gnaw 2015!!!!

  • Crutch reminds me of Eddie Furlong

  • if you got that blown in Colorado you must come to Cali haha

  • Josh makin big moves getting flown out by companies and stuff, that is fricken awesome man!! Hopefully everything goes how you plan it! Cheers Fam!

  • Video time when you get down to SD. Looking forward to your visit in the future. Let you try that SoCal herb.

  • Your buddy looking blasted as fuck hahaha. That's what's up guys! Cheers from Chicago!