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Crown Extracts Showcase – Cannabis Cup Winning Hash, Budder, Wax, Oil – I had the chance to spend the day with Crown Extracts and their beautiful assortment of honeycomb style wax. You’re going to want to get your dab on watching this video…

Artist: Task Rok
Song: Sing Along


  • What's the name of this song

  • Daz, Jason fuck you.

  • task rok on the music fuck yeah

  • damn that noise, that shit gives me a headache!

  • Task Rok Baby!!!!

  • Call/text: Four Zero Eight Four One Nine Nine Four Eight Zero   for top wax concentrates, dab oil, shatter, etc
    With very high THC content from 60%-90%. All donations are for the recuperation of production cost but not limited to electricity and equipment.

  • WHY WOULD U JUST WASTE-TORCH IT LIKE THAT?! I mean one time yes for another perspective on the melt but fucking 3 times? It hurts my soul man those dabs could have fed a dozen poor european kids for a week

  • wow wow wow

  • Can you whip this kind of hash/wax and make it more like budder?

  • Let me get one

  • oh god i wanna take a dab of all that!!!!!

  • @butanesoup @bhotards @poison

  • You all suck ! Lol ur shit ain't done bitches ! Lol u can pull more moisture from it and make it hard like a rock. Check out rock wax 😉 that's the best and the purest ;)) peace it's nice but u can do way better peace 🙂

  • How much do you think each one of those giant bowls cost? Rough estimates…

  • Yea ima sound dum as fuck but wats this crown extract???? I Use to smoke a lot back wen I was 18-22 but not 26 just had a bby so been out of this for a while just really curious bout this is it like the new thing??? ツ n plz don't come at me crazy just want to know a bit bout it o n whats with the blow torches n glass now Lol crazy what happened to lighters ???ツ

  • Don't you make any other consistency? Honeycomb is played out and annoying to get on a dabber. And was that supposed to be a flame test? Haha

  • @christopher culkin hey DEA, catch anyone with that trick yet ? Fuckin losers

  • ur fuckin awesome bro! show that bitch j lucci

  • that is a poor excuse for honeycomb

  • Text this nigga for free bacon at your doorstep 😉 Just kidding you dumbfucks at the dea must be pretty low on drug busts this month if your using youtube to catch dumb ass kids…