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Crown Extracts Nectar Showcase – News Oct 17, 2012 – Search Menus At For Crown Extracts.

Crown Extracts, the crown jewel of concentrates, invites you to take a first-look into their all new line of nug run wax made from bud tips called “Nectar.”

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  • that shot at 1:09 almost made me nut

  • this shits really not that great by far the best ive had is rump wax

  • Try gold coast premium nug run or bamf extracts hgh extracts bzzz extracts cowboy extracts rump extracts west coast cure extract. All fire. O.C. S.A. Dabbers Up

  • I'm a 17 year old in North Carolina. What are the chances that I'll ever see this? 

  • Seen it and tried it, my friend makes equal quality so its nothing fancy

  • Had some of this in the High Times Cannabis Cup and this shit was fire.

  • LOL awesome

  • so wait. shatter is better? IM a noob

  • So that's how you overtook Hamilton for 2nd at Montreal..

  • Thats right guys, Crown extracts are the only 1% with nug runs. Better get it while its HOT!

  • Oh, i got confused with PureXtracts for a minute. where can i even find this info about crown?

  • got some blue dream nectar the world is perfect now

  • yeah, i feels ya, they didn't advertise it in that way

  • They're making it because it sells. Plain and simple. IF they were marketing it as a high CBN extract for a heavy medicating effect, I could understand it, but at the same time there are other ways to achieve that breakdown without whipping & losing terpenes(which ultimately play a large role in effects). You'd be surprised how many extractors there are that make quality products through trial and error, yet still have no clue of the actual chemistry behind it.

  • Chemical changes happen when harvesting a plant late so some people preffer it. I look forward to hearing a response though, i have alot of good youtube convos, however there are alot of hot heads on youtube as well lol

  • Why would you want to smoke claim? it's not like this nectar is made of pure plant wax. Surprised you would rather smoke claim, most people would never consider smoking half fried plant wax. I won't tell you what to smoke, but you should probobly get educated and realize different people use different concentrates for different reasons, not just to get high, so variations are important. Saying this isn't good compared to other concentrate could be alot like saying You should never harvest late.

  • What makes you think this nectar is taney boss? Im pretty positive Crown Extracts uses C02 Extraction. What makes you think your stuff is better? This texture and color is achieved because of the higher levels of cannabinoids, and turpinoids found in the buds tht r oxidized. plus if your blasting bho, that's both dangerous and illegal. I personally feel it is a bit naive to blast without real medical butane, bc even ultra refined cans of tane still have impurities. C02 + Icewater ftw, Rize up

  • idk if they are retarded dude, im sure they probobly know a ton about making this stuff. What you may have not realized is Crown is trying to make different kinds of concentrate for different people. This blonde looking whippy, taffy nectar generally has a higher CBN content because of the oxidization of thc. (A chemical process where thc is oxidized results in the product of cbn) Wax, shatter, budder, it's just your opinion bro, cuz you have to remember it's not better for every single person.

  • This needs to be in my life

  • HAHAHAHAHA sad. All my runs are nug runs and I'd rather smoke my claim than this taney ass shit.