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“Cookies & Cream” – (Strain Review)


Cookies & Cream is an Exotic Genetix strain that is a cross between (Starfighter F2 x Mystery Girl Scout Cookies cut) that provides you with a very calming & euphoric hybrid high. The taste reminds me of vanilla creme & kush!

A great strain for Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Muscle Spasms, Apettite Stimulation, and Cramps. Overall I give this strain a [5.9/7]

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  • "In your face creamy" lmfaoooo bro wtf

  • I love that shirt, made me smile.

  • his shirts looks 3d, like really

  • "in your face creamy" lmao!

  • I…I just fucking love weed

  • do a dark vader strain review

  • Great channel man! Subbed for sure! Moved about an hour outside of Denver a few months ago and your channel has given me a lot of info. 3 weeks into flowering on my first grow and you reviews have helped me decide which strains to grow next. Keep them coming!

  • You are the man. The beard is dope af

  • What's the name of the background music Josh ? It's so chill !

  • This guy is so nice and chill. I would love to hang out with this guy and toke lol

  • where did you purchase that small bubbler you first hit?

  • Phantom cookie please

  • would love to meet and hang with you man ur very uplifting and inspirational and besides I've never done dabs bfor would love to try it for my first time with you my man good smoking and happy new years hopefully we can make something happen man lol thanks!

  • i live in W.A and all the strains u review i see come around and they are good cookies and cream, gorilla glue, blue dream, green crack all amazing.

  • One of the best flavors! terps all day

  • I'm gonna have to look at the lineage.. Way back in the day, circa late 80's, we had several specimens of Mocha and Coffee Afghani phenos, the seed straight from Kandahar. No one I knew was cloning yet, so they fell by the wayside, but I'd bet there were a few that could have been passed for cookies. By todays standards, the THC % was mediocre, but must have been off the charts with CBN,CBD, ect. 8 or 10 good bong rips and you would melt, drip through the couch, and end up a puddle on the floor.

  • Cerebral and Stoney from starfighter and relaxed and euphoric from the cookies? Aren't cerebral and euphoric basically the same. And stoney and relaxed the same? You just jibbery jabbery without thinking.

  • Gyerek de csúnya vagy ! 😀
    (ám szeretlek ám)

  • dude your a idiot weed dont taste like cookies wow

  • creamy