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Contest – “Know Your Medicine” Poster Give Away! – And it’s OVER! Good luck… Please give Alec a couple days to go through your comments and choose winners. Video coming in the next few days to announce the winners!!! GOOD LUCK! – Peace, Gil

******* ENDED*****
It’s contest time! This time we are giving away 10 “Know Your Medicine” posters to 10 lucky commenters… These sought after posters break down possible health issues and their corresponding Cannabinoids. Check out the video for more details and good luck!!!

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Artist: El Centro



  • @35THIRTYFIVE Absolutely!

  • @shutupandsmokeit420 @shutupandsmokeit420 Hey whats up?? As for the neurologic pain stemming from Fibromyalga, CBD is profound in crushing pain.. Strains high in CBD, such as Harlequin, Cannatonic, Omrita RX, etc would benefit her greatly.. As for Crohn's disease, acidic cannabinoid juicing is her best bet.. Either through grinding up dry pot or juicing raw pot, the acidic cannabinoids, such as THCA and CBDA are excellent for treating digestive tract disorders, like Crohn's, IBS, Leaky-Gut.

  • haha i got one of those posters. i got it from the scl booth at smokeout 2012 in san bernadino

  • hey dudes! is it tooo late! nooooooooooo well if you have a change of heart pick me! I love the educational side of medical cannabis! and this poster would definately fill in the missing poster spot in my room!!! and im picky! love you both! blaze it!!!!

  • FUCK its over…got damn I hope I shared some good memories created from my home state! lol

  • Haha.. Alec, From MinneSnowta we call that "Chizzle Chapped" derived from "chopped, but past being chopped and very chizzled…hence the Chizzle Chapped" lol.. Now in Co "iMedicate" 😉 cheers guys!

  • @nugporn Gil! you never sent me my shirt from the last contest… 🙁

  • Nice poster… I need one now literally… I gotta go now your pissing me off…

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  • look up 'logic live' here on youtbe then click the link to his channel and listen to the rest of his songs tell me if you not entertained after that!!!

  • hey this isnt about the contest i was just wondering if alec can explain a lil about geting into the buissness of testing medical marijuana strains, and what subjects would be good to take in college to get started, thanks

  • if you want entertainment go watch the big bang theory.

  • I'd like to wish Weed and Titties to all of you out on the West Coast On behalf of all those from the East Coast TitttyButt Nation.

    Sincerely, W&T
    President and Founder

  • by 8 seconds..

  • dang man i wanted one

  • And it's OVER! Good luck… give Alec a couple days to go through your comments. Video coming in the next few days to announce the winners!!! GOOD LUCK! – Peace, Gil

  • I have a Canadian glass bong, the type of glass is RED EYE,
    I then named my bong the red eye Jedi
    its a killer bong xD

  • where can we BUY the poster?

  • Regards from Dunedin, New Zealand. The weed here is shit and costs $25 a gram. Help a brother out.