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CO2 Blown Hash Oil

Join Gil & Tang as they smoke some CO2 Blown concentrates from Secam!


  • this is fucking shitty ass co2 oil. looks like straight poop, no clarity.

  • they ass look blowd

  • you guys looked awkwardly high at the end 

  • Gil wanted to take Tang to bed it seemed like….. lol wtf…

  • whats the song in the beginning!

  • if you look theres a small black wire or something holding off the black thing on the table

  • yo wtf. i need to know how that nug was fucking floating in mid fuckign air what the fuck….fuck

  • what was that spray he kept spraying after every hit?

  • that shit looked green!… wtf!


  • ahahahahahahaha lmfao!!

  • Unless its mass hysterical, hallucination,yeh, def a bud hanhing on fishing line, spose they needed to jazz up their narssicisistic bong session,lol

  • I agree, opaque, green oil, not real crash hot[yuk] And this more THC in CO2 oil,lolhaha, these dudes need chem lessons,lol

  • BTW, their oil was opaque, not translucent, not pure!!

  • Guys, it can only be so powerful, once you have good, no residue oil, it dont matter shit how it was made, its NO stronger than any decent extract!!

  • no, most c02 oil has more thc in it than golden honey oil. look at the lab test bro

  • the immaturity in you is strong.

  • ya aint doin it the illest

  • so tight hits together!! 1:55

  • LOL nice save there Gil… "Maybe there is?" 😛