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CO Recreational Cannabis – Celebrating Change! – News January 8th, 2014

Happy New Year! On January 1st, Colorado began allowing the sale of Recreational Cannabis. WeedmapsTV was there! Full episode coming…!!!


  • fuckin dopeheads lol

  • the green solution is fucking awesome!

  • So wonderful seeing change finally happening, I hope that colorado can be an example for the rest of the country to follow. I  believe the way they have set up their system is and can easily be adopted by other states ready to get on board.

  • FUCK those disp owners!!! Fuckers cashing in on mills while i cant even find a fucking job! Fuck those greedy pieces of shit. FUCK LEGALIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is great (: definitely moving to Colorado when I turn 21

  • lol i love how they named all the strains but no prices
    red card for life =)

  • straight pornography !!!!

  • Amazing response. Prices are going up, you need my grow light to get more bhang for the buck. Let Freedom Ring!

  • Thats me at 58 and 1:03!!! smmoookkkeee!!!

  • this vid gave me goosebumps lol ;)

  • that made me happy

  • A rec episode would be awesome!!!! Plz do!

  • spread to the bible belt like herpies on a $5 hooker

  • Can someone give me any information on the plans to legalize cannabis in pa? Pleeeez and thanks

  • I just booked my plane ticket! I'm coming from South Carolina and if it wasn't for legal weed I would NEVER plan a trip to Denver in the middle of winter.

  • All the cops that arrested people with weed in the past. Are thinking WTF! Shit I guess I didn't really make a difference. 

  • Yeah buddy keep working Texas!!!!

  • Fuck i m in eu

  • weedmaps got a hipster remake on their colors and logo