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Clone To Grown – Northern California Time-Lapse Grow Let’s go inside a Northern California marijuana grow and take a fast forward look at the vegetative life cycle of marijuana plants from clone to grown!

Cloning is the process of taking a clipping from one plant to make another identical plant. Many growers use this process as an alternative to growing from seed because it assures that the sex, and quality, of the plant will remain the same. It also helps speed grow time.


  • Hey question about after cutting clones do you put domes for a few days or just leave them domeless? What light you use and good work.

  • what band is playing on this video? -sorry for the bad english

  • lights are trippy

  • well over a thousand clones

  • Man those were a bunch of clones! None of those cloning products are for foodstuffs. Am I wrong? Try adding air bubbles, with cheap aquarium air pumps, add Mycorrhizai Fungi to stimulate root growth instead. Go Organic!

    To accelerate flowering, The Flower Initiator. Use this it five minutes a day at lights out will bring flowers on hard and fast, you can flower with 13.5 instead of 12 hours, In the greenhouse and outdoors flower 1 to 2 months early without curtains or tarps. At my channel

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  • Ooh light movers. I dont like them, cause i dont like 1,000 watts of burning fillament to be moving around 5ft from the ground. But they do get more spread. I hear its like adding 33% more light.

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  • Aye fuck the haters bruh, It was a NIce video, Critique is welcome though. Nice Music Choice and thanks for that. I was wondering the Differences between Seed and Clone Grow Patterns.

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  • Light movers? Really? I wonder what his yields are like. Avg yield from a 1000w HPS is anywhere from 1 lb to 1.5 lb. How much do they get per light with the movers?