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City of Angels 2 Dispensary Tour Take a tour of City of Angels #2 dispensary in South Lake Tahoe!


  • city of angels is corrupt. don't bother with them.

  • $15 a gram is fucking expensive! here in my country you can have like 20 grams of a pretty decent quality weed for less than $10 USD

  • Am I the only one that noticed the cars going backwards @ 3:27

  • Low grade should be cheaper , not same $ as better ! 

  • good job girls couldnt have read it better myself 

  • I am starting to thing Hawaii might not have been the best place to move…lol.

  • A gram should never be more then 10$ ever.

  • I guess they "volunteer" because they can't LEGALLY pay them in cannabis. *rolls eyes. I wouldn't trust a stoned… stoner to run my business for me.

  • Haha, what part of Texas are you in? I share in your feelings 🙁

  • $90 a quad lol..bye bye

  • I use to feel that way until I realized the majority of dispensaries sell poor quality cannabis for ridiculous prices.

  • Yeah because your a fag.

  • Like, why was the top shelf stuff on the bottom shelf. If its expensive, shouldnt it be "top shelf"? "Here, we have our top shelf clones on the bottom shelf" huh..? what?

  • Why do they have these dumb chicks working in there. I dont want to talk to someone who is like that. I wanna take to an older guy who knows his shit.

  • 270 a oz? Shits crazy

  • I do agree with, thought you were confused in regards to strength, my apologies. 🙂

  • Why wouldn't low grade be 5 or 10?

  • and thats why lower grade should be lots

  • It's medical cannabis, some meds are too strong for people and they trip, true lover of this plant would know that.