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Chronic Closeup UPS 420 Delivery Santa Fe Springs – News Mar 27, 2013 – Visit our WeedMaps listings for current hours and menu.

UPS 420 Delivery
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90011
*Deliveries Only*

Gil takes aim at a beautiful group of flowers from a Southeast Los Angeles delivery service.


  • wow I'm jealous santa fe, I really don't wanna move away from NYC

  • you have a little bud on your thc.

  • The difference is that a majority of them didn't actually attack you, yet, you began to butcher every one who you felt stood in your way. Now, tell me, is this the example you'd like to set as, say, a representation of your church body? Attempting to symbolically slaughter a peaceful group of people over their beliefs? But, see, it's up to you to make the decision that either you are a product of your people, or your people are a product of you. Do you want them following your arrogance?

  • Lol Cindy. Take one look at her profile. As many weed videos as there is on this channel, she easily matches with nothing but collections of dolls and fuzzy dog purses. Hey, if you want to attack people on a personal level because of their way of life, just remember who's habits are a way of clinging to a lost childhood, while we learn to accept it and let it go. You claim Jesus as your right hand, yet, you attack these people relentlessly when they simply voice their own expression and belief.

  • Wen he brakes the purple alien look ow it slobbers on 1:57

  • It wouldve been weird if yu didnt

  • Is it wierd that i got a boner?

  • Jehovas witnesses r the ones who knock on doors retard!@82mofact

  • Has this crazy woman even read the bible??? If you actually read the lords book it clearly states that god created every flowering seed bearing plant for mans use and enjoyment, now let me enlighten you, marijuana is a seed bearing plant (duh) and it also flowers (the buds are the marijuana's flowers) now if YOU knew anything about cannabis or the bible you would know that its God's will for us to enjoy all of his creations, not to have them be condemned. Enjoy God's gift of cannabis!!!

  • 1:00 the sound when he's breaking the nug 😀

  • do you use aspirin? prescription pain killers? i bet your ok with your kids using "legal drugs" that are proven to me more harmful and addictive. settlers were required to grow marijuana when they came to the U.S and it existed in perfect harmony with the culture then, just like it can now. and by you judging peoples life choices to use marijuana and questioning there parenting is absurd. many people that smoke have an active lifestyle contrary to the stereotypes.

  • Sweet Baby Jesus can we just legalize it already so I can go order some Girl Scout Cookies

  • exactly, ahahah, well said

  • Oh for the love of God, what are you doing on here again? stop bullying and berating

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  • Your right Cindy now please leave your opinion on videos where people have the same views as you , most people on this video love marijuana

  • Again, it is a DRUG when people use it to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax and unwind, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. And that is what makes it wrong! Can't you see that? We shouldn't use drugs for these reasons! And if you get busted, it won't help to tell the judge it's a plant, and they won't care how it helps people! You kids need to realize this! LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS AND DON'T USE DRUGS!

  • nice woman! What is wrong with me? I don't say anything that any other parent wouldn't say! What parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and use drugs to get high? At any age? Didn't YOUR parents raise you to know better than this? How old are you? When did you start smoking pot and WHY?? Is this how you're going to raise your kids?

  • Now see? You further prove my point about why we all need to speak up against "WEED" and why it should be illegal forever! Look at you! Instead of being a nice, decent, mature guy and commending me and supporting me for speaking up against drugs, you say these nasty comments and gloat about how it will be legalized (as if that would be a good thing, so that you all can get HIGH) and then you say this stuff about how you don't want to end up like me. WHY?? Why would you say that?? I am a very

  • keep being the poster child for anti-weed and we will have it legalized in no time, your comments make me want to smoke more to make sure i dont end up like you