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Chronic Closeup Union Collective LA Delivery – News Oct 6 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu. Please click Like and Subscribe if you support what we do on this channel.

The Union Collective Los Angeles

The Union Collective has some chronic to showoff in this video. Grab your meds, sit back, relax, and get ready to check out a handful of beautiful flowers!



  • My dad smoked Durban Poison and he said that its terrible shit. He liked Skunk

  • it would be very helpful if they would show that it is a indica or sativa

  • I Can Smell The Medicine.

  • not for everyone……..

  • That's good..No money in it if its legal

  • don't worry dispensary's get shut down every day.

  • Weed needs to stop getting better its hurting my business..Cost way to much to grow weed this good..

  • Boarderforlife- all of it. An Indica I would recommend though. Some sativas can make you paranoid/ anxious but i've never had a bad experience

  • I WAS 4,4220 viewer SMOKE BIG SMOKE REAL

  • what is the best weed to smoke for the first time?

  • Blew my load, thanks

  • Song is badfuckinass I dont usually listen to reggae

  • Even if its a Z that would give it the same plural meaning, please attend douchebag classes before ever speaking again

  • Oh okay. That's good to know.

  • That songs sick. Y u no have copyright info

  • 420


  • i thought it was pretty funny

  • lmfao smh yu an ass hole

  • THC will make me paranoid, and cbd will reduce the anxiety and paranoia! CBD is not particularly psychoactive so.. 🙂