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Chronic Closeup Michigan Medical Strain Showcase Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Michigan Medical
7571 Santa Rita Circle Suite A , Garden Grove , CA 92841

Michigan Medical has brought 5 strains to the table for your visual review, so get a bowl loaded and prepare to see some beautiful flowers on display in the classic NugPorn close up style…

Artist: Seedless
Song: Energy


  • Weed comes from the earth and I'm not talking about OG kush or anything lab made, I'm talking about just homegrown cheap weed that will give a good high.Peace.

  • Cowabunga Pizza, buddy you must be old ass hell if you still enjoy cocaine because that was outlawed and probably used by the Golden Girls.Weed is a natural med

  • pablo escobar sold cocaine, the best drug ever, not shitty weed that just make u lazy and make things look brighter and far away.

  • Question for you. I want to grow Chronic because you never see it around anymore but is it considered a better strain at dispensaries ? Thanks

  • Wow… That sounds pretty stoney. Mind sending me a sample?;) haha, most ive had was 80% lol but damn white fire og Co2 , .. gotta try and find that someday

  • Yeah i had some white fire og Co2 oil and it was 95% thc!

  • Very true, there isnt really an argument on who has better weed, the quality is all great, there is just plenty more clubs in cali, and the concentrates here are very nice. I had some bubble hash 2 days ago, it was 71% tested thc.

  • Nah dude Michigan has the best concentrates they are properly made

  • Michigan represent

  • agree

  • Well Put nothing to argue with that :), Waxes/BHOs/Budders are really dependent on the maker :p But very well put dude.

  • My local club here carries 27% thc tested sativas. I dont know what you are talking about. We have 140+ clubs around my city alone, while most of them are crap, the good ones still carry all well over 20% tested strains. And if it's that much trouble I can just buy me some wax or bubble hash for 20-30 bucks thats 70% concentrated thc. So really theres not much of a battle of potency as there is of availability.

  • Hahahaha, You know it, THC percentages are higher here, weed is just more common there, Many more dispensaries. But its also more expensive.

  • Just like the people in Afghanistan think they are fighting for the greatest country ever..

  • Im from the 586 🙂 most amazing weed here <3

  • Michigan > Cali 🙂

  • Clearly you must be buying some brown shwaggy street shit and clearly you don't live in California. Photoshopped? LOL!!!!!! what a noob.

  • haha i feel bad for u man that kind of weed is the real deal it looks almost fake your right. lol

  • first nug is eh

  • My mouth watering.. Such a beautiful sight..