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Chronic Closeup Killa Kali Collective Four Medical Marijuana Strains Closeup Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Killa Kali Collective
1661 W. Broadway Unit #10, Anaheim , CA 92802

Killa Kali Collective has brought four beautiful strains to the table for Gil to put in front of his magical 420 powered camera. You won’t miss a single trichome if you watch in HD!


  • That Killa Kali and Assassin OG are frosty as fuck

  • Looks like some hq uplifting trippy goodness think il skin up now haha

  • It's from the earth god gave us this to smoke

  • Legalize it everywhere on this planet

  • 0:53 really looks like the assassin's symbol 😀

  • Hello, i never return to see it again…only turn and turn …

  • Wish there was bud like this in upstate ny

  • as long as there's a demand for OG and GDP, we will never see a decline in the popularity of these strains. simple as that.

  • It's so funny that people would get on a video like this and then bicker like children….haha

  • How can u grow weed that good and don't know how to manicure buds at all that's a horrible job at trimming

  • is this place still even open? i drove down to this place and it was closed and it's been closed for like 5 days now.

  • Straight up weed porn.

  • What's up with the website? It is not working.

  • More reviews man

  • what am I gonna do about it? well if I cross two strains that have not been done already, I will consider lineage when making any decisions about the name and wont try to hype it up with a crazy name, if everybody did this I would not be typing this right now.

  • that's your perspective

  • ahaha aw maybe you could ask your fellow tokers?

  • omg this looked delicious, come check out my videos to see what bud like this looks like when its extracted into beautiful BHO!

  • It's dumb names like "killa kali" and "violater kush" That make's this industry seem cheezy and un-professional to outside viewers. The people that name strains like that have no lineage in mind, just seems like a teenager named them.