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Chronic Closeup Best Buds Of SGV – News Aug 27 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu. Please click Like and Subscribe if you support what we do on this channel.

Best Buds Of SGV – Los Angeles Delivery Service
(626) 539-4152

Time to check out a handful of sample strains sent over by Best Buds of SGV. Which one do you like best?


  • when i go get weed in holland we do get called customers!
    when us people get weed,you guys get called patience, wich is ill person lol!!

  • I hate it when people talk about weed and direct contact is medicinal bullshit!!
    I'm not sick nor ill, im smoking about now for 12 years, and it just relaxes me out from day to day basis, but it just frustrating when people talk about weed it has to be fucing medicinal weed fuck off!! only usa uses this term medicinal mariuana fucking wanker country im so happy i live in holland!! and we just call it weed,not medicinal or anal or what ever added word that would make weed give a better name!

  • They really try to nail you when you get caught in St.Tammany parish(county) in Louisiana.

  • eww fuck kush i love reggie (; it makes my 1inch weenier big hit me up stoner ladies

  • How do you qualify to receive such weed !

  • whoever named purple dark vader is dumb, unless they meant to spell "darth vader" wrong

  • This bud looks weak ass fuck.

  • my favourite part is when they showed the weed

  • @djdozer88 medicine is just medicine.. I know different types of medicine help with different ailments but medicine is all meant to help and be used for help. I was simply stateing that the name of the medicine does not matter, because it doesnt affect what it does or how well it works.

  • poor anaheim dispensaries! will miss them! closest to me.. hope they come back SOON!

  • Medicine is not just medicine. Different types are better for different ailments. You wouldn't offer racy sativa to an insomnia patient is just one obvious example.

    Being from the UK I do still find the whole calling weed 'medicine' a bit strange though. People in Cali dont get high they get 'medicated'. Obviously it's to not throw fuel on the fire for the prohibitionists but it just seems odd to me. I'd love to get legally 'medicated' though so im not knocking it 🙂

  • LOL whatta idiot LOL keep on thinking that way buddy

  • Well, thats kind of an ignorant statement, some strains help with symptoms better then others, so its good to get the name and see if it helps with the certain symptom you want it to help with, so you can get it again at that place, or a different place.

  • Dank

  • Yes, the dollar store.


  • Who gives a flying fucking fuck about what the name these flowers have. It's clearly good bud, so smoke it and stop bitching about the name. Even if it's immature or not, medicine is medicine.

  • What kind of camera do you use

  • He said Alahambra lol

  • 62sick