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Chronic Close-Ups – Blue Bird Delivery – Sit back and check out 8 strains from Blue Bird Delivery, a Southern California medical marijuana delivery service. Blue Bird Delivery has a huge selection of flower and concentrates. Check out their WeedMaps listing for unbelievable specials.

Blue Bird Delivery
*Deliveries Only*
1 (888) 623-6045
Mission Viejo, CA 92691


  • send me a couple test grams?

  • Theyre killin it

  • Ill take 20 boxes of the girl scout cookies.

  • I live in this area way to pricey for an 1/8th would rather travel to Santa Ana to pick up

  • Yeah but who wants to smoke flowers anymore? Don't waste it!

  • check out my channel / strain reviews

  • I live in their delivery area so I was stoked to see the quality presented here. But I was not so stoked when I went on their Weed Maps page and found out the top shelf strains cost $55. Plus I would tip the driver another $5 = $60/8th..Even if you take into account gas money, I'd rather just drive to Santa Ana where it's cheaper and you have a much wider selection

  • It's called Kush not chronic

  • i need some advise business start up plan

  • Nice

  • more strain showcases please Gil thanks your vids are awesome

  • this is porn!!!!!!