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Chronic Close-Up – Ounce Depot – Join us for a close-up look at some of the finest medicine California has to offer. Ounce Depot has a huge selection of flower and concentrates. Check out their WeedMaps listing for unbelievable specials.

Ounce Depot
*Deliveries Only* Chino, Ca 92503


  • Как далеко до такого…В России лет 8 тюрьмы..Мдяя..

  • Just want to say the music ruins these things every time. I hate how rap music is always chosen for anything weed related. Punk music and weed can go together.. Gil, you know this man, can't you talk to the big guys and get some Subhumans playing in the background, that would make my year. Thanks in advance if you decide to stay true to your roots and play some punk rock background music..

  • there is a massive amount of skipping or flickering. overall, thumbs up! thanks

  • Personally, I rely on smell more than sight.

  • I hope they know that OG stand for "ocean grown" and they have nothing but supposed "OG" strains…leading me to believe they grew all this in the ocean?

  • If the selection is ANY indication, don't go to this club. What kind of mouth-breathing business owner makes sure that all his flowers carry a major chunk of the same genetics? One of the things that I love about Cannabis is the insane amount of genetic variety and choice, so why not have it represented on your menu more? The flowers are primo quality though – so props to the growers.

  • I'll have an OZ of OG, please. OG=OH Good.

  • Nice!!!

  • (>0.0)>  —— tigers blood

  • this is what i like to see, friggin close ups !!! 4k next time pleaze!!!!

  • what's with all the lame names? guarantee most of them are just renamed cuts

  • Tigers Blood looks really nice.

  • 4:20

  • A G

    Bunch of mids. Who gives a fuck about this shit?! People in SoCal really smoke this garbage?!

  • so and so OG, rappper OG, shit fuck OG. They only carry OG?

  • Don't you guys have access to a microscope? I mean these are close up, but they aren't macro CLOSE UP

  • This music is TERRIBLE

  • thought this was gonna be like bubbleman's macroshots. If your not gonna show zoomed in trichomes don't show a doodle of that in the intro. Its misguiding. I don't see the point of calling it a "chronic close-up" when there isn't much of a zoom in on the buds. This looks just like a strain showcase rather than close ups. I could look at a bud with my own eyes and see it as well as this "close up"