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Chronic Close-Up – Granny Purps This episode features the astounding “Big Purps” strain from Granny Purps. Go get you some! Visit for locations.

Take a close-up look in high definition at some of the highest quality strains in the world. You can literally see the trichomes popping and the resin dripping down these dank nugs!

Special musical thanks to:
Foster Care presents Funeral Kings mixtape by Jinx


  • It's some next level weed from the horrible state im from, but i prefer my purps to have purple in them even if i can only look and dream

  • Great bud and nice toke 🙂

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  • beautiful bud tasting looking too

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  • Had some of this yesterday and i felt happy hungry and sleepy =)

  • I would have to say, a three minute video of someone smoking a bud has little to nothing to do with the use of medical marijuana. Really what is the point of this? just to show people what a bad ass toker you are…This is the kind of shit that gives people that are against weed smoking a reason to keep it illegal….And make it harder for people that really could benifit from the herb… One of the best sites on youtube is Jorge and you never see him sitting around stoned doing hit's

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  • If by "blows" you mean "blows big dab hits in your face" you would be correct sir! Peace – Ian

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