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Chronic Candy at Hemp Con

Gil checks out the Chronic Candy booth over at Hemp Con. See what kind fo medicated treats they have waiting for you at dispensaries…


  • I need to move

  • First song?

  • At marijuana conventions you seriously need some gum or something to produce saliva or else you seriously will choke from such bad cotton mouth lol. I'd be he sampled near a hundred strains of marijuana.

  • i live in the wrong town

  • @l00kint0myeyes it is??? fuck yes.

  • @SkateOrDieBFMV
    exactly ! So your'e proven wrong thankyou.

  • @ThePlugTurtle yeah they injected her with pure thc and cbd+thc

  • @SkateOrDieBFMV
    Watch the full video ! you only watched the beggining its towards the end they inject her with it

  • @SkateOrDieBFMV
    Here ye go watch?v=vJ6bON_8Xmc

  • @ThePlugTurtle Youtube Isnt All Truths Mate.
    But Ide Like To See That, What Video Do You Speak Of?

  • @SkateOrDieBFMV
    I watched another video on youtube of thc testing and they gave the woman 100 percentios of thc and she felt like shit and then 100 percelos of cannabanoids and she was in shits n giggles

  • @SkateOrDieBFMV
    Cannabanoids in the plant make me feel good you cheeky cunt , do some research before you start correcting people you fucking retard

  • @ThePlugTurtle Your Retarded They Dont Remove Any THC, And It Doed Nott
    "Make You Feel Like Shit" If It Made YOU Feel Like Shit, Dont Medicate!

  • @brwnshadow Why Would They Do Such A Thing? Your An Idiot.

  • @brwnshadow
    Thc is shit all it does is make you fell like shit , the cannabanoid is what u want

  • you know it really sucks i'd love to be in the cannabis industry but when you really think about it i'm not gonna do it i'm probably gonna be working in some office hating my life

  • My Dream job…

  • let me know when these are available in jersey…