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( hooked it up with a big ol’ box of goodies for me to open, just in time for Christmas!! 😛 I’ll have individual reviews out for a majority of the stuff in this box eventually!!

If you purchase anything from Dandlco make sure to use my promo code “StrainCentral” and you’ll receive 10% off at checkout!!



  • 1 year ago a boy was made into a man

  • "I need to get something in me" hol up. PAUSE.

  • give aweyyyyyyy

  • You talk so much tone it down a bit you are actually my favorite weed tuber or whatever constructive criticism brudda

  • I'm smoking on some platinum kush, cheers buddy!!!

  • Hey josh I wonder if u can help me I would love some glass from dandlco but they don't ship internationally 🙁 iv just ordered some from thick ass glass and will be here tomorrow but would love some from dandlco can you help in anyway as I know ur tight with them and I'm from the uk by the way and I love ur vids keep up the hard dabbing brother 🙂 peace 

  • please send me a container i have a family and a child and im 19 so i dont have much extra cash i barely have enough to get my meds most of the time id rather spend everything on my family. 

  • I'm 14 and me and some friends were thinking about getting some bud ik in one of your videos you said wait till you're 18 what should I do?

  • Dabbing on some gsc honeycomb bro! Out here in cali cheers 

  • Nice bro I am so late seeing this but awesome video.

  • What's your Twitter or Instagram? Your videos are so informative and helpful and very clean!! Love them xxx

  • Great vid Josh, thanks! Happy Holidays to you and all your subscribers!
    That mesh around the 2nd piece of the extractor will work as screens for the extractor. Just cut a square or circle and put it in before the flowers

  • from the video it looks like it hits like a mother fucker, I want it lol

  • Right now I'm smoking White Widow that was homegrown.

  • Sweet vid man i cant wait to get my glass from good glass for good prices Cheers!!

  • Nice video and merry Christmas 

  • Merry Christmas love 🙂 Stay Stoney!

  • Wats up man smokin on sum larry og gettn bakedd..merry xmas and cheers to strain central from Tucson,AZ CHEERSSS!!!