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Choko Club Barcelona, Spain (Cannabis Social Club Tours)

Come in, grab a cafe con leche, your favorite strain and relax with friends here at Choko Club. Located in the Gothic Neighborhood of Barcelona, Choko Club is one of the nicest of the Cannabis Social Clubs that I had the pleasure of visiting. The Cannabis Social Club features regularly changing Parisian art, friendly budtenders and an awesome comfortable atmosphere.
Honorable Mention: Choko Club just took home a trophy in the first ever Barcelona Social Clubs Cannabis Cup!


  • much talk here..but no one realize that not everyone can enter here and smoke like in amsterdam..NOT FREE FOR EVERYONE..and specially NOT FOR TOURISTS…i would not say this is COOL!!

  • 0:57 I don't get it why would a artist paint a heinous picture of a crime that happened in pico rivera ca google it guys just search RIVERA KILLS isnt this supposed to be MMJ RELATED absolutely disturbing.

  • this place looks so nice a relaxing i want to go

  • Looser!!! all cannabis cups are determined by who pays high times or whoever sponsors the most wins ,obviously because we have all tried winners and buddy down street had way bomber weed than any place I've ever been? What the fuck 

  • "Boxer" is on the wall not "Puppet"

  • had no idea that sensi was legal in barcelona O.o  been living in a cave apparently 

  • Awesome vid. I love to see the different cannabis cultures around the world.

  • These new video blows. Get back to the damn states already.

  • Much Love & Marijuana from Amsterdam !

  • Q bien lo teneis montado por bcn!!!!

  • Im going to go marry this chick dude shes so hot ! y le gusta Cannabis , que mas quiero ?

  • Viva Espana !! S/O to El Senor Fumo.

  • What the fuck would I wanna go to Spain for when the weed is much more expensive there than California and will be paying double cause our $ is weak over the Euro.

  • classy

  • That looks pretty classy. Spain has the best cannabis laws on Earth… I feel like most people don't know about that!

  • Mexican Mafia Guy In the back "Boxer"

  • Paz