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“Chocolope” (Concentrate Review)


Chocolope is a cross between (Chocolate Thai x Cannalope) and provides you with a very creative heady Sativa high. Would be great for those suffering from Depression or Stress.

The taste is very similar to Cinex in my opinion! An earthy, sweet, and hashy flavor accompanied by floral undertones. Overall I give it a [6.2/7]


  • what did you use to cap it ?

  • i have some chocolate Thai right now it is some great stuff!co2 !

  • Haha i just had Chocolope earlier. Not the concentrate though. Some of the best smelling and tasting stuff i've had IMO.

  • Lol I wouldn't burn with any idiots wanting to smoke with you boss.. Keep the vids going just tell them I don't smoke with viewers unless their card holders.


  • Damn homie you get some of the sexiest looking oil on the tube!

  • Is that wax or did someone's lenses fall out their glasses lol it's beautiful man, u need to send me some to review, New sub here! CHEERS…from HBDABFELLAS!!!

  • So happy to see a Seattle stoner youtuber! I'm from Tacoma, and would LOVE to meet up sometime and get a smoke session in with ya 🙂 Feel free to find me on instagram at "Klassywithak420" ! Stay stoney!


  • Great vid and smokeing some dab cookies fire 

  • Nice review bro. Smoked on some auto cheese a little before watching anyways. I'm in my work parking lot. Not sure my boss would like that much. 

  • great review man ive never seen anybody explain the flavor in detail so well for chocolope because ive always wondered because i never got a chocolate flavor either. makes sense what you said. cheers bro, dabbing on some homegrown home extracted solventless og :)

  • I've never tried concentrates before. I'm really looking forward to try it sometime. Keep up the good work on your videos.

  • wats up Josh, i have a few beans of that i need ta pop yes it does look good cheers 

  • Make vids more often it's in my daily routine and feels weird a day without a vid lol cheers dabs up 

  • love chocolope bud but I have yet to try the oil

  • U make me want to try refine Seattle again. I have been more on the indica side of things but that cynex is so fire 

  • Cheers from Wisconsin! this tune is toooo groovy, name ? artist? 

  • Cheers man love watching your vids and just blazing or dabbing along keep up the good work!!

  • Thinking of trying wax