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“Chocolate Kush” – (Strain Review)


Chocolate Kush is a cross between (Chocolope x Kosher Kush) that provides you with a very functional, euphoric, creative Sativa dominant hybrid high. This is a DNA genetics strain that occasionally also goes by the name Chocolope Kush!

This strain is great for Depression, Nausea, Appetite stimulation, Fatigue, and Stress. Overall I give it a solid [6.85/7]

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  • dudeeeeeee…why do you have lip stick on brah? goofy guy. lol.

  • I can get an ounce of this at my local dispensary for 135 here in Michigan.

  • I did get some the other day-wonderful for Fibromyalgia relief….I suffer greatly.

    Donations will be gratefully accepted. :)

  • leafly says chocolate kush is indica dom

  • Flaming homo

  • Seem to come back every month to check this video out. Makes me happy seeing you enjoyed this strain. Looking forward to sharing some awesome buds & hash in the future again and stoked to get my bi-monthly pickup from TJ's here in the next couple of days dances. If I get the Purple Kush BHO I requested, it will be a very awesome Christmas for me. Also put in a request for 2 grams of Chocolate Kush BHO, but requesting something doesn't mean I will get it….it's all based on what happens to be available at the time. When it's at no cost, I'm just thankful for even receiving such awesome products. IF I do receive the Chocolate Kush, 1 of the grams is yours. Will put it in the back corner until I head up north or you head down south. Was told I will be getting something "new" as well, so not sure if it's just a new product or something extra. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season dude.

  • Happy to have found your show, a perfect explanation of the subject, I watched the chow 2 times 1 with 1 without I like chocolate kush for long periods of time for several other reasons needless to say (Anger control ) Thank you. I been on medical for 2 years and before only street crap for 28 years. so I've been around, Cannabis helps and with mental therapy cure ,of anger issues, that alone is worth a ton of pills , no thank you, rather have the THC.Thanks again PS:Very good job on your presentation/standing by.

  • Sounds like an awesome strain…

  • Sorry man, I haven't really been able to smoke along with you for about a week now. But I'm back, I have some bud. Cheers homie!! 

  • Broo, always getting that fire ass weed! I really liked how you had the rosin in the video. Honestly i think it'd be dope as hell if you added like one rosin press in the video just to show how much that specific strain will yield. I have been pressing some Headband and Forum cut GSC and they both juice soo hard and its really clear and golden 🙂 I love the idea of pressing your own dabs, its so awesome. Anyways cheers brotha!


  • Do a review of purple urkle x og kush hybrid

  • So much new content, i really appreciate it 🙂
    cheers from austria

  • You're strain reviews are soooo good. Nice vids man !!!

  • laughed hard at "google rosin on youtube" haha nice review as always josh, all this chocolate talk has me itching to break into a chocolate medible i have waiting for me, cheers!

  • Looks & sounds like a tasty strain. Love your videos and knowledge. Keep up the great work Josh. Stay positive! 

  • You should do a review on the strain THC Bomb it's one of my favorite strains

  • I really enjoyed Chocolate Kush too. One of my favorites!!!

  • Good looks on the rosin homie!!! Appreciate you pulling through for the community ??????

  • I've had the Kosher kush and the chocaloupe and those two strains crossed together sounds amazing….I would love to try this!…..and Josh, eat your breakfasts! It's the most important meal of the day!….lol….keep it real Josh!