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Chocolate Hash Concentrate Review from Little Amsterdam


  • idiot

  • "Instantly getting…really hard". Nice Gil

  • you guys have an amazing life! smoke weed for a living!? lucky bastards

  • @crackhead007 Wow lmao weed smoking isent a competion if your high it dosent matter which way you get there.. jessussss your fkin crazy kid i feel sorry for you

  • Holy hell they got ripppeed hahhaha~

  • so um…where do i get an application. I wanna chill with you guys! Ya'lls videos are the best.

  • i love how all weed smoke videos are like a always see assholes in the comments with something negative to say lololol theyre like "theyre not doing it right, they arent REAL like ME" HAHAHAHA

    ironically these idiots never have videos

  • I love how focused Gil was on that B-line flame while he was milking the shit out of that Zob! haha 

  • rip ripper ripped

  • lol that piece of floating bud is tripping me out XD

  • @crackhead007
    Christ, just get the fuck out man. Your angry attitude is a disgrace to stoners. Also, knowing how to corner is far more important than using fucking glow rods and beeline, dick.

  • these guys ain't stoners, just posers who happen to smoke.