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“Chocolate Chunk” (Strain Review)


Chocolate Chunk is a Pure Indica strain that has Afghani lineage. It provides you with a VERY medicating and sleepy high. This is not a daytime strain! (Unless your day plans consist of movies and naps) Would be great for those suffering from Insomnia, Stress, Pain, Muscle Spams, Migraines, and Anxiety! Overall I give this strain a [6.2/7] Tastes alot like Bubba Kush and smells earthy, kushy, and kinda woody


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  • chocolate chunk is the dopest dope

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  • Camera slightly out of focus, lol

  • Lmfao welcome to Strain Central and today we learned that Josh loves "Bawls" lol jk

  • Chocolate Chunk is a beautiful strain! try to smoke it after hot shower or bath. amazing!

  • "I fuckin love balls" Lmfao!!

  • How long will they mourn me Tupac nice!

  • where do you get your flowers from bro? is it the farmers market in white center ?

  • Can you review black mamba

  • 40 for 7 grams??? That's amazing! I'm paying 15 a g for mids

  • This strain reminds me of the Rice Krispies double chocolate chunk!

  • I'm gonna get a quarter of this on Thursday.

  • "I could gladly live in this jar". Story of my life

  • afghan strains really dehydrate you generally  be sure to keep water near by

  • Hey man I love watching your videos they always so good and get a good laugh in when where high I can understand what you mean we should chill sometime even though I'm in Massachusetts 

  • indicas are the chuk norris of weed

  • wood/musky