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“Cherry Pie” (Concentrate Review)


Cherry Pie is an Indica Hybrid cross of (Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison). It tastes like berries and provides you with a very cerebral Indica high. Would be great for those suffering from Insomina, Stress, Depression, and Pain. Overall I give it a [6.1/7]


  • I always love going back and watching your early videos. It's so amazing to see how much you've grown and how far your content has developed. Love these throwbacks 😀 Cheers from Ontario, Canada!

  • Sour Diesel gets you leveled

  • Source Diesel

  • Deadhead OG!

  • some purple kush soon ill get some lemon lime grapefruit

  • I've been watching all your videos from the start for the past month or so and I think this is the first one that you didn't end on a rip.

  • 3:48 lol seems like that 1st dab got you kinda baked man "lets actual;ly get the deeab going tho" hahah


  • Awesome vids man. Love watching them when I have a smoke session haha. I'm smoking on some Pineapple Express honeycomb wax and a little bit of some mango shatter. Keep up the sweet vids. Peace 

  • Your room is very tidy.

  • THIS BEAT IS SO DOPE! Im definitely gonna start workin gon something similar thanks for the inspiration! hah. also carb cap video please!! never used one

  • Bro… dude…. dude… bro…. what's going on here? cha cheers cheers cheers

  • Hey

  • Name of the beat?

  • I'm dabbin on some sfv shatter 

  • Get some links about the legal stuff. We all knew this was going to happen again and I said it after we beat em the first time they tried to take medical. But I like ur perspective. It was voted in 18 years ago and now they want to shut that down so "they" can tax the fuck out of everybody including patients like myself. 

  • What is the music in the background of this video. Pretty amazing.

  • chocolope shatter

  • The only reason the rec prices are so high is because of the 25% excise tax at 3 levels of purchase plus 7.5% sales tax. There is 1 (there are multiple legislators trying to get rid of dispensary-type collectives and only some are trying to merge them into rec, the others are want to get rid of them entirely.) bill that is being introduced that would let collectives apply for i-502 licenses (which would get rid of the state cap as to how many are allowed and where, as well as the failed "lottery" attempt at who gets licenses and who doesn't) like Colorado medical dispensaries were allowed to do. It would get rid of the 3 level excise tax in favor of a 1 level 10% excise tax including giving medical users a tax break therefore SIGNIFICANTLY lowering the price of cannabis being sold for a much fairer price. It would allow any resident in Washington the right to homegrow 6 plants (it does not affect the 15 plant medical law, only i-502). It would decrease the I502 1000 feet ruling to 500 once again increasing the availability of stores (I'm sure this is also to help collectives transition easier because collectives have a 500 feet rule as well i believe.) 

    This isn't perfect and it's not ideal but it is legit the best proposal so far out of the past 2-3 years and is most likely the best that will come by imo which, like this is doing, we can amend and add onto later. Also to think about is that this kind of bill would allow collectives to peacefully transition by sometime in summer 2016 rather than having the state calling in the DEA to raid these places of medicine, arrest everyone, and charge whoever effectively closing them all down forcefully in summer 2015. 

    It's a complicated ordeal. No one (as far as users medical or otherwise) wants medical to go away and we don't want to do the horrible idea of repealing i502 since that would take away all adults ability of remaining within state law and enjoying their right to cannabis. if I-502 gets repealed medical goes with it, the money grubbers (which is not ALL those involved in i502 btw) will not stand having egg on their face. They will get rid of med if rec goes away so let's just remind others that getting rid of it and starting from scratch isn't the best idea. i'll hold off my complete judgement on this one particular bill until I see what else is brought to the table. Remember that for the benefit of ALL washington cannabis we need to rally both medical patients and recreational users because the only way our voices will be heard is if we have larger numbers. I personally would like to keep them both separate while still taking everything else from that bill and applying it to i502 but that's harder to manage. 
    Remember patients, there are recreational users who do feel for you guys and would like to help you while still holding onto their right to cannabis as well. Please, don't try and take that away from them if most of them would never want yours taken from you. Only together will our laws get better. 🙂

    this is the 1 bill which I have spoken about:

  • where i can buy? pm pls