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“Cheech Spoke Recycler” – (Glass Review)


This is one of the coolest hybrid flower/oil rigs that i’ve used in quite a while! Super functional & it looks quite incredible!

Overall I give this piece a solid [5.9/7]

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
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  • get mapp gas torch way hotter

  • you always have that song playing in the background what is it?

  • dude whats that song on 3:30?????

  • Incycler vs recycler!

  • nice shirt bruh, Malta is the shit haha

  • that piece looks sick af, i watch all your vids and thats the only one that really sticks out to me

  • his shirt = illuminati

  • Everyone for cheap bongs (By cheap i mean anywhere from 15-50 bucks for bongs that are usally 70-100 dollars++) that are very scientific (A.k.a recyclers,percs,etc.) go here!! Add words such as RECYCLER to the search to make it more specific! Good luck!

  • StrainCentral you do me one concern I'll bamboozle you to heck and back.

  • Cool glass piece man , love your shirt , u r so fucking handsome ??????

  • Id' love to know what "medical" reason this guy is using pot for. He definitely looks like he needs it.

  • yo talk about weed I'm Missouri

  • finally someone explains this to society. ALWAYS dabs before flower in a piece! My rig is strictly oil but one day I'll dirty that little slut up with some flower. One day.

  • Hey Josh! Try to lock your torch witch the button on the side! 😀 Pce

  • You your glass and your set are looking fantastic. The visuals in this episode were just lovely my friend.

  • hi Josh. Do you know if that grinder gone into production yet?

  • What's the first Chinese like song called?

  • Is your beard uneven??

  • Josh I'm sure you may have heard of this but if you want a good torch you should try the Blazer Big Shot. It's $50 on Amazon, but I've seen it for $80+ on some websites. It's really simple to use and basically lights every time. No safety, just a twist knob for gas and then a button to light it.