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I thought i’d sit down to go ahead and roll/smoke a joint and talk about whats been happening these past few months!

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  • Stay positive & stay medicated my friends

  • you got one ring out of it at least

  • Id support you

  • get a patreon mate

  • I appreciate the shout-out to the subscribers. much love. Preferably, your content is superior.

  • Really good advice

  • I know you are probably not a big fan of the idea of donations. But, there are those of us who find what you do extremely important. I get most of my news and info on Cannabis from this and other Youtube channels. You really need to find a way that we can support you directly to keep you doing this important work for us. Directly, and anonymously. Because, there are a lot of people like me in the shadows who can't do what you are doing. That makes me want to support you directly, so one day I can smoke a joint on Youtube without fear of repercussions.

  • Hey Josh! Just wanted to comment and say keep your head up 🙂 You're one of the most positive/optimistic guys in the community. These little tribulations that you are going through are setting you up for something better, I guarantee! and no apologies needed your content is still mint! Make yourself happy though and do you..Cheers homie!

  • Chill vid man, just rolling up, talking and smoking.. I love this so please make more of these! Keep it up man!

  • you should start a series called "Stoner Advice" I think it'd do well

  • dude, fuck yeah is one of my favorite strains!

  • you suck at rolling joints 🙂

  • thanks Josh

  • You know you're high asf when the joint turns off lol

  • I've noticed that my "weed" vid subscriptions come up in my recommended list rarely. To the powers that be at You Tube, 'Suck on Deez Nutz!' To Josh, 'Love ur channel bro!'

  • Don't appolagise your health and family are way more important josh. We love your videos and your my number one weedtuber. Especialy because your not all macho and smoke weed for your benafit and not just to fit if u know what I meen ?

  • How does someone of your position break there foot lmao

  • if Josh wasnt a weedtuber I'd hire him. he seems so professional

  • You're welcome!

  • This past month has been crazy for me too man.. I had a $600 car repair bill, my relationship fell apart, and I just had surgery yesterday to get my appendix removed